• Conserve School

    Land O'Lakes, WI

    Conserve School is located in Land O'Lakes, Wisconsin. Land O'Lakes is a remote rural area in Vilas County where there is just 1 other private school to choose from. What sets Conserve School apart is that it's a private coed boarding school designed to educate students about the environment. In terms of religious orientation, the Conserve School is a nonsectarian school. The main campus building is located on 1200 acres of private property surrounded by lakes and woodlands. Students have access to eight lakes and five private lakes that are exclusive to students. Currently, there are 60 students, both male and female residing in environmentally friendly buildings. For outdoor pursuits, the school has 22 miles of outdoor tracks and a horde of recreational facilities.… More

    10 - 12
    58 Students
    7 Teachers
  • Wayland Academy

    Beaver Dam, WI

    Wayland Academy is a private coeducational school for 6 to 12 grades located at Beaver Dam, in Wisconsin. The school continues to attract a diverse student body including 15% of racial minorities and almost 20% international students. Nearly three-quarters of the student population resides in purposely built dormitories, whereas other commute from nearby towns. According to the latest data, there are 220 students enrolled at Wayland Academy with 1:7 teachers to student ratio. Most classes in the school consist of 15 or less students. The main campus is spread over 65 acres including numerous historic buildings. Perhaps, the finest of these is the main Wayland building, which includes main student dormitories. Among other significant structures is the Wayland Academy Field House, a former German… More

    9 - 12
    196 Students
    26 Teachers

What's Up in Wisconsin

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This page features a list of boarding schools in Wisconsin (WI), USA.

Wisconsin is a state in the upper Midwestern United States, bordered by Minnesota to the west; Iowa to the southwest; Illinois to the south; Lake Michigan to the east; Michigan to the northeast; and Lake Superior to the north. Wisconsin is the 23rd-largest state by total area and the 20th-most populous.

Education in Wisconsin (WI), USA

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction is the state agency that advances public education and libraries in Wisconsin. Wisconsin’s goal is to ensure every child graduates ready for further education and the workplace. The Wisconsin state education agency has the responsibility to lead and model with one another, and reflect in our work, the principles of equity needed in Wisconsin schools.

Wisconsin requires children ages 6 to 18 to attend school regularly in a public, private, or boarding school. Students and parents who choose non-public instruction can select either a boarding school or a home-based private educational program. Boarding schools differ from home-based private educational programs in that boarding schools provide educational programming to more than one family unit. In contrast, home-based educational programs are “provided to a child by a child’s parent or guardian or by a person designated by the parent or guardian.”

Wisconsin Academic Standards specify what boarding school students should know and be able to do in the classroom. They serve as goals for teaching and learning. Setting high standards enables boarding school students, parents, educators, and citizens to know what students should have learned at a given point in time. In Wisconsin, all state standards serve as a model. Locally elected school boards adopt academic standards in each subject area to best serve their local community.

Wisconsin requires a minimum of 22 credits to graduate high school boarding school. Students must complete one of the following three options: online learning, community service experience, or service-learning. All students in Wisconsin must pass the district civics test.

Wisconsin offers students academic excellence when it comes to boarding schools while also giving them diversity and adventure. Students attending boarding schools in Wisconsin can have it all, from beautiful lake coastlines to farmlands to mountainous terrain! Wisconsin has two boarding schools within the state. Conserve School is located in Land O Lakes while Wayland Academy is located in Beaver Dam.

Conserve School View profile »

Conserve School offers a semester-long program for students in the tenth or eleventh grade. The school accepts sixty students per semester (which lasts seventeen weeks) for nature-based education.  Conserve offers core-based classes, such as English, history, science, and physical education. All of these focus on nature and all things outdoors. The campus consists of 1,200 acres of land with over twenty-two miles of trails and access to eight lakes, all of which are available for students to explore.  Conserve School accepts applications starting in September for the following school year. The school’s founder created a scholarship base to allow all accepted students full-ride scholarships for their semester. This scholarship covers room, board, tuition, and meals. Students are responsible for paying their enrollment fee, as well as transportation and any personal extras.

Wayland Academy View profile »

Wayland Academy is home to approximately two hundred students in grades nine through twelve. The campus is set up much like a college campus is, with classes and dorms all located in multiple buildings throughout the campus grounds. Wayland focuses on preparing its students for college, much like the school motto says: “Knowledge and Character.” Students can take a variety of classes but are required, rather than take a general physical education class, to participate in an athletic sport each semester. Students are also required to attend a weekly chapel service. Tuition at Wayland Academy is $43,067 and there are several financial aid and/or payment plans available for those who may need it. To help ensure students are doing their best both in class and out, each student is assigned a mentor that they meet with weekly, just to “check in.” Wisconsin itself is a large state with a wide variety of geographical features. The state has been split into five regions, geographically, each with contrasting land and surroundings. Some consist of lakes, while others have farmland or dense forest area.

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