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Burlington, VT
Small City
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$56,790 / $27,900 (day)

* This figure may not reflect classroom sizes.

Set in a small city known as Burlington, Rock Point School is a private boarding school in Vermont. There are 19 private schools, including this one, in Chittenden County. In terms of religious orientation, Rock Point School is an Episcopal school.

Established in 1928, Rock Point School is located on 125 acres in Burlington, Vermont. The curriculum blends rigorous college-preparatory work with individualized, student-driven inquiry. The school’s small size and low teacher-to-student ratio make it possible to customize each student’s learning experience. The Episcopal-affiliated school tries to actively engage students in both learning choices and leadership roles. Environmental conservation is a core value at Rock Point. Eco-learning is built into the curriculum, and daily life at the school includes recycling, composting and other sustainable practices.

Students at Rock Point School enjoy plentiful outdoor activities in beautiful Vermont as well as events in the vibrant small city of Burlington. Summer activities include water sports on the lake that is part of the school property; winter activities include skiing and snowboarding. Travel is seen as a valuable learning experience and is built into the Rock Point curriculum. Students have opportunities to take backpacking trips in the mountains, to travel internationally each spring and to volunteer with organizations such as Habitat for Humanity.

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  • 1 Rock Point Rd, Burlington, Vermont 05408

  • National Association of Episcopal Schools
  • National Association of Independent Schools
  • State/Regional Independent School Association
  • The Association of Boarding Schools
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Data Source:   NCES: 01422112

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Rock Point School