• Meridian Mentoring

    Orangeville, UT

    Located just minutes from some of God's most beautiful and inspiring creations in Utah, the Meridian Mentoring Residential Treatment Center for male teens ages…

    6 - 12

What's Up in Utah

Utah is a beautiful place to learn, live, and grow. Boarding schools in Utah are designed to help struggling teenagers overcome life-consuming issues, or just provide extra support in completing educational goals in a nurturing and structured environment. At therapeutic boarding schools in Utah, residents are distanced from unhealthy peer pressure so they can focus on personal and academic goals.

Therapeutic and non-therapeutic boarding schools offer a variety of academic programs from college prep to unique programs suited for those who have fallen behind in their schooling. Boarding schools in Utah come in a variety of specialties and therapeutic approaches.

Meridian Mentoring Residential Treatment Center for male teens ages 12-17, is a non-denominational Christian facility that provides once-in-a-lifetime educational and recreational opportunities.