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Chattanooga, TN
Teachers (FTE)
S/T Ratio*
Tuition (?)
$45,965 / $23,650 (day)
$49,465 (international)

* This figure may not reflect classroom sizes.

McCallie School is a private all-boy school in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Chattanooga is a city in Hamilton County. Hamilton County is home to 31 private schools, including McCallie School. In terms of religious orientation, the McCallie School is nonsectarian.

The academic school years lasts 177 calendar days and each day students spend 7 hours in class. In 2011, 100% of the graduating senior class went on to 4-year colleges.

98.9 full-time equivalent teachers are on staff to educate the student body of 889 students in grades 6-12. That’s a student-teacher ratio of 8.99. We look more closely at students and teachers in several charts below.

Contact Details
  • 500 Dodds Ave, Chattanooga, Tennessee 37404

  • National Association of Independent Schools
  • The Association of Boarding Schools
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Students by Grade

Teachers on Staff

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Data Source:   NCES: A9501499

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McCallie School