Special Education 13 Results

Bachman Academy

  • Mc Donald, Tennessee

Located on 188 acres near Mc Donald, Tennessee, Bachman Academy was created to cater to students who have various types of learning challenges. Those problems ...

32 Students
10 Teachers

Brandon Hall School

  • Atlanta, Georgia

Brandon Hall School is located in Atlanta, and it is the only school in Georgia that is coeducational and independent. It is known to serve ...

127 Students
30 Teachers

Brehm Preparatory School

  • Carbondale, Illinois

Brehm Preparatory School is a very unique boarding school in Carbondale, Illinois. It is a school dedicated to providing excellence in education to children with ...

79 Students
26 Teachers

Eagle Hill School

  • Hardwick, Massachusetts

Eagle Hill School is a boarding school in Hardwick, Massachusetts in the United States. Eagle Hill school is a school that focuses on academics, athletics, ...

184 Students
47 Teachers

Linden Hill School

  • Northfield, Massachusetts

Linden Hill School is a private all-boy school in Northfield, Massachusetts. Northfield is a rural area in Franklin County. Franklin County is home to 9 ...

41 Students
12 Teachers

Maplebrook School

  • Amenia, New York

Maplebrook School is a private coed school in Amenia, New York. Amenia is a rural area in Dutchess County, where you will find 37 other ...

56 Students
17 Teachers

The Glenholme School

  • Washington, Connecticut

The Glenholme School, located in Washington, Connecticut, seeks to help service various special needs students. There are many schools across the country that are not ...

82 Students
22 Teachers

The Gow School

  • South Wales, New York

The Gow School is a private all-boy school in South Wales, a rural area in New York. 79 other private schools are located in Erie ...

132 Students
38 Teachers

The Greenwood School

  • Putney, Vermont

The Greenwood School is a boarding school for boys in grade 6-12 that was established in 1978. Currently, the student teacher ratio is 2:1. Located in ...

36 Students
19 Teachers

The Kildonan School

  • Amenia, New York

Set in a rural area known as Amenia, The Kildonan School is a private boarding school in New York. There are 38 private schools, including ...

83 Students
47 Teachers

The Leelanau School

  • Glen Arbor, Michigan

Set in a remote rural area known as Glen Arbor, The Leelanau School is a private boarding school in Michigan. There are 3 private schools, ...

44 Students
16 Teachers

The Vanguard School

  • Lake Wales, Florida

The Vanguard School is a unique boarding school located in Lake Wales, Florida. The Vanguard School specializes in creating an environment that targets each student's ...

100 Students
25 Teachers

The Woodhall School

  • Bethlehem, Connecticut

The Woodhall School, a non-public academic institution located in Bethlehem, Connecticut, was founded in the early 1980's. Sally Campbell Woodhall and Dr. Jonathan A. Woodhall, ...

42 Students
16 Teachers

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Special Education