Roman Catholic Boarding Schools -- American boarding schools that are Catholic in affiliation – boarding schools and alternative schools.
Roman Catholic Boarding Schools -- American boarding schools that are Catholic in affiliation – boarding schools and alternative schools.
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  • Chaminade College Prep School

    Saint Louis, MO

    Chaminade College Prep School is a private all-boy school in Saint Louis, Missouri. If you don't count Chaminade College Prep School, there are 159…

    6 - 12
    789 Students
    87 Teachers
  • Cotter High School & Junior High School

    Winona, MN

    Cotter High School & Junior High School is a private coed school in Winona, Minnesota. Winona is a town in Winona County, where you…

    7 - 12
    385 Students
    37 Teachers
  • Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy

    La Canada Flintridge, CA

    Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy, located in La Canada Flintridge, California, is a Catholic, Dominican, college-preparatory school known for educating and preparing young women for…

    9 - 12
    410 Students
    37 Teachers
  • Georgetown Preparatory School

    North Bethesda, MD

    The Georgetown Preparatory School in North Bethesda, Maryland is the best place for you to send your child when you want them to learn…

    9 - 12
    487 Students
    54 Teachers
  • Gilmour Academy

    Gates Mills, OH

    Gilmour Academy is a private coed school in Gates Mills, Ohio. Gates Mills is a rural area in Cuyahoga County. Cuyahoga County is home…

    685 Students
    36 Teachers
  • Marianapolis Prep School

    Thompson, CT

    Marianapolis Prep School in Thompson, Connecticut, has a unique admission process. Once an application for admission has been completed, the admissions committee will go…

    9 - 12
    336 Students
    52 Teachers
  • Maur Hill – Mount Academy

    Atchison, KS

    Maur Hill - Mount Academy is a coed Catholic high school in Atchison, Kansas. It started out as an all-girls school in 1863 before…

    9 - 12
    184 Students
    19 Teachers
  • Portsmouth Abbey School

    Portsmouth, RI

    Portsmouth Abbey School is a private coed school in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. Portsmouth is a large suburb in Newport County. Newport County is home…

    9 - 12
    361 Students
    49 Teachers
  • Schools of the Sacred Heart

    Grand Coteau, LA

    The Schools Of Sacred Heart are located at Grand Coteau, Los Angeles. The schools are divided into two campuses each offering distinct type of…

    482 Students
    70 Teachers
  • St. Bernard Preparatory School

    Cullman, AL

    St Bernard Preparatory School is a private coed school in Cullman, Alabama. Almost continually since 1891, students have received a Benedictine education focusing on…

    7 - 12
    161 Students
    22 Teachers
  • St. John’s Preparatory School

    Collegeville, MN

    St John's Preparatory School is a private coed school in Collegeville, Minnesota. If you don't count St John's Preparatory School, there are 24 private…

    6 - 12
    313 Students
    26 Teachers
  • St. Thomas More School

    Oakdale, CT

    The St. Thomas More School in Oakdale, Connecticut is a school that allows your children to grow in a Catholic environment that is not…

    8 - 12
    118 Students
    25 Teachers
  • Subiaco Academy

    Subiaco, AR

    Subiaco Academy is an international day and boarding school for young men between grades 7-12. It is located in Subiaco, Arkansas, and sits on…

    7 - 12
    173 Students
    27 Teachers
  • Thomas More Prep – Marian

    Hays, KS

    Thomas More Prep - Marian is located in Hays, Kansas. It is coed Catholic school, but students of all faiths are welcome. The school…

    9 - 12
    246 Students
    29 Teachers
  • Villanova Preparatory School

    Ojai, CA

    Villanova Preparatory School is located about 63 miles northwest of Los Angeles in the city of Ojai. Founded in 1924, Villanova is a co-ed…

    9 - 12
    280 Students
    30 Teachers
  • Woodlands Academy of the Sacred Heart

    Lake Forest, IL

    Woodlands Academy Of The Sacred Heart is a private all-girl school in Lake Forest, a large suburb in Illinois. 76 other private schools are…

    9 - 12
    171 Students
    32 Teachers