By Dan Woolley

Thinking about a boarding school for your student? It’s a big decision and one that could affect the rest of your child’s life. Here are ten reasons many believe boarding school is a wise choice.

1. Boarding school gives your student a top-notch education—No matter where you live. Some school districts in our country offer excellent public or charter school options, yet many don’t. You shouldn’t have to limit your child’s education just because your hometown isn’t located nearby a top-rated school. Private boarding school makes exceptional academics available to your family regardless of where you and your child calls home.

2. Boarding school eliminates distractions — Is your child hanging around with the wrong crowd or surrounded by too many temptations? Boarding school provides kids a safe environment where they can immerse themselves in academics, healthy extracurricular activities, and positive social relationships.

3. Boarding school offers personalized educational attention — Smaller class sizes and trusting relationships with instructors create the kind of environment where no child gets lost in the crowd.

4. Alternative Boarding schools can solve emotional or behavioral individual needs — There are a number of therapeutic boarding schools located throughout the country serving students with specific issues, dyslexia, autism, addiction recovery, anxiety, anorexia, trauma, abuse, and much more. These schools employ expert counselors who specialize in helping children overcome unique challenges. See for more information.

5. Boarding school educates the whole child — Boarding school academics are characteristically strong, but there’s more to life than books—and boarding school leaders know that. Teachers and staff are committed to helping students develop social skills and extracurricular involvement, too. Boarding school provides a safe and supportive environment in which children flourish into productive members of society.

6. Boarding school offers exceptional arts and athletics programs — Public schools may corner the market on football and basketball. But what if your child has a talent for activities such as horseback riding, dance, science, rugby or sculpting? Most public schools won’t offer opportunities to pursue those sophisticated passions. Some private boarding schools do—and they do it exceptionally well.

7. Boarding school is a supportive community — Many adult graduates of private boarding schools say their closest friendships were formed at a boarding school. Likewise, your child will build close bonds with students and teachers during their formative years at the school. Private boarding schools tend to focus on community, dissuading students from labeling others as jocks, nerds, brains, and so on. Kids are taught to respect differences and live in harmony with others. Bullying isn’t tolerated in most boarding schools. And unlike in public schools, students aren’t picked on for being smart—in fact, academic excellence and leadership skills are admired!

8. Boarding school offers kids more ongoing supervision than public schools — If you’re a busy parent with a demanding full-time career, it’s natural to worry about your child’s safety and well-being during your long hours at work. Many boarding schools provide regular supervision and care you desire for your children. Teachers often serve as dorm parents and participate in school activities. That means students won’t just be educated; they will be nurtured as well.

9. Boarding school is affordable — Yes, it’s true! While tuition at private boarding schools throughout the country ranges from $20,000 to $65,000 a year, many schools offer need-based scholarships. Some schools even offer free tuition to families below a certain annual income or if the state allows school choice. Just contact the finance office at the boarding school of your choice and ask what options are available. You might be pleasantly surprised.

10. Boarding school leads to success later in life — Compared to public and private day school students, boarding school graduates are more likely to earn advanced degrees and achieve higher career goals. A recent study published in found that academic focus and well-rounded interests emphasized in boarding school lead directly to more top college and career accomplishments. And that is the kind of proof a caring parent can rally behind!

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