• Brush Creek Academy

    Jay, OK

    We are a lower-cost, ranch-based Christian boarding school designed for at-risk boys, age 14-17.    Brush Creek accepts boys struggling with life-controlling issues, helping them begin living a fulfilling life, and equipping them to become happy, confident, self-reliant, and successful adults. In addition to individual and group therapy, Brush Creek Academy also spends time working with the parents to restore a healthy environment and relationship in the home. Brush Creek Academy strives to give hope and bring restoration to the entire family, not just the student enrolled with us.Academic CurriculumBrush Creek is fully accredited and meets the national standards that are required of schools. The school’s study program allows for an education plan designed specifically for troubled boys. The resident’s education plan will be… More

    9 - 12
  • New Lifehouse Academy

    Disney, OK

    We help troubled teenage girls begin living a more fulfilling and intentional life.    Girls here learn to become happy, confident, self-reliant and successful adults.The mission of New Lifehouse (NLH) is to see the lives of teenage girls transformed and families restored. “Putting Hope Within Reach” is their motto.New Lifehouse Academy is a ministry of Teen Challenge Oklahoma. They are a lower cost Christian boarding school designed for troubled or misbehaving girls, ages 14-17. Their goal is to provide the teenage girls and their families with the tools and resources to help them begin to thrive academically, relationally and spiritually.First-Class Boarding School, Spiritual Support and a Top Education in One… Restoring Teens and Families for a Brighter Future New Lifehouse is a 12-15 month residential program where they… More

    9 - 12

What's Up in Oklahoma

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This page features a list of boarding schools in Oklahoma (OK), USA.

Oklahoma is a state in the South Central region of the United States,[27] bordered by the state of Texas on the south and west, Kansas on the north, Missouri on the northeast, Arkansas on the east, New Mexico on the west, and Colorado on the northwest. Partially in the western extreme of the Upland South, it is the 20th-most extensive and the 28th-most populous of the 50 United States. Its residents are known as Oklahomans (or colloquially “Okies”), and its capital and largest city is Oklahoma City.

Education in Oklahoma (OK), USA

Oklahoma’s educational system includes public, primary, secondary, vocational, and boarding schools in 540 school districts. Oklahoma has the highest enrollment of Native American students in the nation, with 120,122. The state is among the best in pre-kindergarten education. The National Institute for Early Education Research rated it first in the United States about standards, quality, and access to pre-kindergarten education, calling it a model for early childhood schooling. In 2004, the state ranked 36th in the nation for the relative number of adults with high school diplomas, though at 85.2 percent, it had the highest rate among southern states.

Oklahoma public, private, and boarding schools believe that providing students and families a variety of education choices representing a range of high-quality instructional methodologies is a vital District goal. To accomplish this goal, the District recognizes the federal initiative of schools and welcomes school leaders to join with us in providing quality education to the children of Oklahoma City.

Oklahoma Department of Education seeks to ensure that all students graduate from high school boarding school ready for college and career. Boarding schools will be a mechanism for growing the range of options so that all Oklahoma City Public School students can be successful. Every student learns in different ways; they aspire to other careers and are interested in various subjects: the more options, the better. To accomplish our goal, the boarding schools strive to provide flexibility of programs that facilitate students achieving their academic and personal potential.

Boarding school students entering the 9th grade must enroll in the College Preparatory/Work Ready Curriculum. A student’s parent or legal guardian may complete an opt-out form provided by the school to request that the student be enrolled under the Core Curriculum standards also in state law. This curriculum meets the state’s requirements for high school boarding school graduation and a standard diploma. This curriculum aligns with the requirements for college admission at Oklahoma’s colleges and universities.

Individual Career Academic Planning (ICAP) A multi-year process to guide students as they explore their career and academic opportunities. ICAP identifies student interests, skills, secondary/postsecondary coursework, certificates, credentials, degrees, and workforce experiences that help chart the progress needed to prepare boarding school students for college and career.

All students must take all state assessments required by the State Board of Education to graduate. Alternatively, these students must take any nationally recognized high school test the District elects to use instead of the state assessments as authorized by federal law. The requirement to take the assessments to graduate is subject to all exemptions, conditions, and accommodations permitted by state or federal law. Some high schools may have additional requirements to graduate.

Oklahoma has a lot to offer boarding school students. Students receive academics excellence while exploring everything else that Oklahoma has to offer. The state has phenomenal lakes where swimming, boating, and bass fishing are the most desired activities. Oklahoma is a state with diverse landscapes from plains to lakes to forests. Here students may find peace and adventure as they choose a boarding school.

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Brush Creek Academy is a ministry of Teen Challenge Oklahoma. Brush Creek is a lower-cost, Christian boarding school located on a 900-acre ranch in beautiful Northeast Oklahoma, designed for at-risk boys, age 14-17, who are struggling with life-controlling issues. Brush Creek’s mission is to provide teens and their families with the tools and resources to thrive academically, relationally, and spiritually. Brush Creek Academy helps once troubled boys begin living a fulfilling life, equipping them to become happy, confident, self-reliant, and successful adults.

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 New Lifehouse Academy is a boarding school by Teen Challenge Oklahoma! We are a lower-cost Christian boarding school designed for troubled or misbehaving girls, ages 14-18. New Lifehouse’s mission is to provide teenage girls and their families with the tools and resources to help them begin to thrive academically, relationally, and spiritually. New Lifehouse Academy helps once troubled girls begin living a fulfilling life, equipping them to become happy, confident, self-reliant, and successful adults.

Brush Creek Academy

Brush Creek Academy in Jay, Oklahoma is a 12-15-month residential program where caring staff strives to help your son become all God desires him to be. This process includes mentoring and biblical counseling, group studies and personal studies, vocational learning, and education in Brush Creek’s boarding school, The Cross Christian Academy, a fully accredited and state board of education recognized private school.

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