• Asheville School

    Asheville, NC

    Asheville School is a private coed school in Asheville, North Carolina. If you don't count Asheville School, there are 28 private schools in Buncombe County. Their campus is set in a small city, which is just one important piece of information to consider when looking at boarding schools. In terms of religious orientation, Asheville School is nonsectarian.The academic school years lasts 185 calendar days and each day students spend 9 hours in class. In 2011, 100% of the graduating senior class went on to 4-year colleges.36.8 full-time equivalent teachers are on staff to educate the student body of 275 students in grades 9-12. That's a student-teacher ratio of 7.47. We look more closely at students and teachers in several charts below. More

    9 - 12
    275 Students
    38 Teachers
  • Christ School

    Arden, NC

    Christ School is a private all-boy school in Arden, North Carolina. Arden is a suburb in Buncombe County. Buncombe County is home to 29 private schools, including Christ School. In terms of religious orientation, the Christ School is an Episcopal school. Students are given instruction about their faith and they are also encouraged and challenged to speak out about their faith. There is a project called "This I Believe" which is designed to help the students to express and defend their belief through written and oral presentations. This is only a small sampling of the many great opportunities that Christ School provides to its students in terms of spiritual growth and development. The academic school years lasts 175 calendar days and each day students… More

    8 - 12
    246 Students
    44 Teachers
  • Salem Academy

    Winston Salem, NC

    Salem Academy is a private all-girl school in Winston Salem, North Carolina. Winston Salem is a city in Forsyth County, where you will find 22 other private schools. Unlike most schools, however, Salem Academy offers students room and board. In terms of religious orientation, Salem Academy is a nonsectarian school.The academic school years lasts 171 calendar days and each day students spend 8 hours in class. In 2011, 100% of the graduating senior class went on to 4-year colleges.22.6 full-time equivalent teachers are on staff to educate the student body of 167 students in grades 9-12. That's a student-teacher ratio of 7.39. We look more closely at students and teachers in several charts below. More

    9 - 12
    167 Students
    23 Teachers
  • St. Mary’s School

    Raleigh, NC

    Located in Raleigh, North Carolina, St. Mary's School is an independent, college preparatory school that is dedicated to helping girls reach their full potential. They do this by exposing them to never ending opportunities and providing them with a community they can thrive in. Every student is challenged to conquer their fears and seize every opportunity that comes their way. They will build a strong academic and personal foundation thanks to the many programs offered through the school. Some programs offered include school activities, community service projects, athletics, performance opportunities and weekend outings. Applying here is simple and applications are accepted on a rolling admission basis. If you need financial assistance financial aid is available. If you are interesting in applying to St. Mary's… More

    9 - 12
    246 Students
    37 Teachers
  • Wolf Creek Academy

    Mars Hill, NC

    Wolf Creek is a therapeutic boarding school and Christian boarding school helping adolescents (ages 14-17) who are experiencing behavioral difficulties, anger, depression, academic failure, or attachment disorders.It is located in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina.It also offers an accredited school program, including college preparatory education. WCA's therapy is designed for teenage boys and girls with a history of behavior difficulties, strained family relationships, or other emotional problems. Their focus is to help turn lives around for struggling teens and their families.Wolf Creek Academy specializes in Academics, Anger Management, Social Development, and working with difficult teens or those struggling with Depression, Drug Abuse, ODD, ADD, and ADHD. They also work with students who are on prescribed medication under the direction of their physicians.WCA… More

    9 - 12

What's Up in North carolina

boarding schools

This page features a list of boarding schools in North Carolina (NC), USA.

North Carolina is a state in the Southeastern region of the United States. North Carolina is the 28th largest and 9th-most populous of the 50 United States. It is bordered by Virginia to the north, the Atlantic Ocean to the east, Georgia and South Carolina to the south, and Tennessee to the west. Raleigh is the state’s capital and Charlotte is its largest city. The Charlotte metropolitan area, with an estimated population of 2,569,213 in 2018, is the most populous metropolitan area in North Carolina, the 23rd-most populous in the United States, and the largest banking center in the nation after New York City. The Raleigh-Durham-Cary combined statistical area is the second-largest metropolitan area in the state, with an estimated population of 2,079,687 in 2019, and is home to the largest research park in the United States, Research Triangle Park.

Education in North Carolina (NC), USA

The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction oversees K-12 education in public, private, and boarding schools. North Carolina has 115 school systems, each of which is overseen by a local school board. A county may have one or more systems within it. The largest school systems in North Carolina are the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, Wake County Public School System, Guilford County Schools, Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools, and Cumberland County Schools. There are 2,338 public schools in the state, including 93 charter schools, and quite a few boarding schools.

North Carolina high schools that are boarding schools must meet minimum state graduation requirements to earn a diploma and graduate. These graduation requirements are considered the Future-Ready Course of Study (FRC) requirements and prepare students for post-secondary success. All boarding school students must earn at least 22 credits in the Future-Ready Course of Study to graduate from high school boarding school. The Future-Ready Course graduation requirements ensure that students are prepared for life and whatever pathway they choose after graduating, workplace, colleges/university, or the military.

Although the state requires a designated number of courses and credits for students to graduate high school, local school districts and other public, private, and boarding school units may require additional courses and credits to graduate. Families and students are strongly encouraged to check with their boarding school to determine if their district and school have other students’ requirements to earn a high school diploma.

Alternative Learning Programs and Schools (ALPS) are safe, orderly, caring, and inviting learning environments that help students overcome challenges that may place them “at-risk” of academic failure. Each boarding school’s goal is to provide a rigorous education while developing individual student strengths, talents, and interests.

The 1995 North Carolina General Assembly passed legislation requiring that the Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) evaluate all alternative school programs across the state without funding sources. An alternative learning program is defined as a boarding school or program that serves students at any level serves suspended or expelled students, serves students whose learning styles are better served in an alternative school program or provides individualized programs outside of a standard classroom setting in a caring atmosphere in which students learn the skills necessary to redirect their lives.

Boarding schools in North Carolina offer their students academic excellence and adventure. North Carolina has something for everyone, with some of the highest mountains, pristine coastlines, quaint towns, and vibrant cities. North Carolina offers a variety of boarding schools for students. Whether it’s a boy or girl struggling with learning difficulties and needing extra attention, or an athlete looking to improve their skills in hopes of landing a college scholarship, there is a school within the state that can provide whatever assistance is needed.

FEATURED:  Wolf Creek AcademyView profile »

Wolf Creek Academy helps its students find their God-given purpose and identity to become a better version of their previous selves. Wolf Creek does this by focusing on building relationships and calling out behavioral issues as they happen, and working on them. We create an individualized therapeutic plan and work on it daily in an environment of love. Wolf Creek Academy purposely utilizes adventure, unique experiences, and healthy fun to enhance the therapeutic environment and build self-confidence and a sense of identity that will help them find success now and for a lifetime!

North Carolina School of the Arts

Founded in 1963, this coed school for grades 9-12 is located in Winston-Salem and has 1,100 students on its 50-acre campus. Students here can be enrolled in high school, undergraduate, or graduate studies in such fields as filmmaking, drama, and art. A publicly-funded school, it is one of the few boarding schools in the state with that distinction. The school has the honor of having as its mascot the Fighting Pickle, and each year puts on a musical that is well-known for innovation and fun.

North Carolina School of Science and Math

Renowned for its math and science programs, this school is also known for its excellent athletic programs. Open only to boys and girls in grades 11-12, the school recently broke through and won a regional championship in Men’s Soccer. With a student body of 650 students, there have been many award winners in academic competitions as well as others who have gone on to gain acceptance at many prestigious colleges and universities.

Wellspring Academy

A unique boarding school experience, Wellspring is designed for both boys and girls in grades 8-12 who are suffering from obesity and need a structured weight loss program that also allows them to excel academically. Along with traditional academic classes, students here work with behavioral therapists in order to change their attitude toward food and learn why they do what they do when it comes to food. To help them regain good health, many sports programs are offered such as track and field, baseball, swimming, tennis, basketball, and other sports of interest.

Saint Mary’s School View profile »

An all-girls school located in Raleigh, Saint Mary’s is an Episcopalian school offering girls in grades 9-12 academic and athletic opportunities found at few other schools. No matter which classes are being taken, students have the opportunity to take advanced placement or honors versions, and can also enroll in technology and fine arts classes. Athletic programs include tennis and swimming, while community service projects are also emphasized to promote working together for a common cause.

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