Listing of New Hampshire boarding schools - Boarding school directory for the State of New Hampshire – therapeutic schools and American military academies.
  • Brewster Academy

    Wolfeboro, NH

    Set in a rural area known as Wolfeboro, Brewster Academy is a private boarding school in New Hampshire. There are 7 private schools, including…

    9 - 12
    362 Students
    61 Teachers
  • Cardigan Mountain School

    Canaan, NH

    Cardigan Mountain School is a private all-boy school in Canaan, New Hampshire. Including Cardigan Mountain School, there are 16 private schools in Grafton County.…

    6 - 9
    200 Students
    45 Teachers
  • Dublin School

    Dublin, NH

    Dublin School is a private coed school in Dublin, New Hampshire. If you don't count Dublin School, there are 17 private schools in Cheshire…

    9 - 12
    130 Students
    35 Teachers
  • Holderness School

    Plymouth, NH

    Holderness School is a private coed school in Plymouth, New Hampshire. Plymouth is a rural area in Grafton County, where you will find 15…

    9 - 12
    283 Students
    45 Teachers
  • Phillips Exeter Academy

    Exeter, NH

    Phillips Exeter Academy is a private coed school in Exeter, New Hampshire. Including Phillips Exeter Academy, there are 55 private schools in Rockingham County.…

    9 - 12
    1026 Students
    166 Teachers
  • Proctor Academy

    Andover, NH

    Proctor Academy is a private coed school in Andover, New Hampshire. If you don't count Proctor Academy, there are 28 private schools in Merrimack…

    9 - 12
    355 Students
    71 Teachers
  • St. Paul’s School

    Concord, NH

    St Paul's School is a private coed school in Concord, a town in New Hampshire. 28 other private schools are located in Merrimack County…

    9 - 12
    531 Students
    71 Teachers
  • The New Hampton School

    New Hampton, NH

    The New Hampton School is a private coed school in New Hampton, New Hampshire. If you don't count The New Hampton School, there are…

    9 - 12
    306 Students
    62 Teachers
  • Tilton School

    Northfield, NH

    Tilton School is a private coed school in Northfield, New Hampshire. Including Tilton School, there are 12 private schools in Belknap County. The campus…

    9 - 12
    248 Students
    38 Teachers
  • White Mountain School

    Bethlehem, NH

    White Mountain School is a private coed school in Bethlehem, a rural area in New Hampshire. 15 other private schools are located in Grafton…

    9 - 12
    112 Students
    32 Teachers

What's Up in New hampshire

Scenic New Hampshire sits in the heart of New England, in the far northeastern section of the United States. The state roughly approximates the shape of a right triangle. Its southeastern corner touches the Atlantic Ocean and the long hypotenuse borders Vermont to the west. Massachusetts lies to the south and Maine to the north.

The White Mountains course across the north and north central portions of New Hampshire. They dominate a landscape of splendid Aspen and Pine forests and sparkling lakes. A thriving tourism and outdoor recreational industry benefits many rural areas of this beautiful state, a place which appeals to skiers, snowboarders, hockey players, swimmers, hikers, and mountain climbers. Outdoor activities abound here. The temperate weather displays pronounced seasonal differences in winter, spring, summer and fall.

The vast majority of New Hampshire’s population clusters in the southern and southeastern counties, near the thriving metropolitan centers of Manchester, Portsmouth and Concord. New Hampshire remains one of the smaller states within the USA. In 2012, “the Granite State” ranked 44th in land area (8,968 square miles) and 40th in population (approximately 1,325,000). It enjoys some of the lowest crime rates in the nation.

Since 1808, the lovely town of Concord has served as the seat of state government. With just 42,695 people residing in the city at the time of the most recent federal census, the community and its environs nevertheless enjoy a thriving cultural life.


New Hampshire maintains a long tradition of academic excellence in education. Several prestigious private and public colleges attract scholars to this state. Additionally, a number of internationally famous private boarding schools serve junior high and high school students. New Hampshire boasts the highest SAT scores in the United States.

Famous boarding school graduates in the past included President Franklin Pierce and Congressman Daniel Webster. More recently, public figures such as Secretary of State John Kerry, FBI Director Robert Mueller, publisher William Randolph Hearst, author Gore Vidal, humorist Gary Trudeau, astronaut Alan Shepard, columnist E. J. Dionne, writer John Irving, and members of President John F. Kennedy’s family attended school here as youths.

With many excellent boarding schools, parents and guardians find a wealth of choices in terms of the available selections. Many young people hope to attend classes in New Hampshire. Graduates of these schools often become internationally famous leaders in business, government, academic and cultural circles.