Boarding Schools in Montana

  • Marion, MT

Montana Academy is a private coed school in Marion, Montana. Marion is a remote rural area in Flathead County. Flathead County is home to 11 ...

96 Students
9 Teachers

Montana is the 4th largest state in the United States with a variety of landscapes to explore. While there are not as many boarding schools in Montana as there are in some states, the schools that are available are viewed very favorably.

Many of the schools are located in a more rural setting, and often times the school incorporates the surrounding area into their activities.

Whether the school is located in the mountainous area of the state, or on the sagebrush covered grasslands, students will be given the opportunity to experience a unique region of the United States. In general, those who call Montana “home” value hard work, and respect for land and neighbor, and often this perspective is encouraged in students as well.

Montana Board of Education

When considering a boarding school, it is important to know state regulations for attendance, as well as the schools requirements. It would be wise to contact the Montana Board of Education to learn of any state requirements the student would need to meet in order to attend a boarding school there, as well as contacting the school itself to learn of any additional requirements that may be necessary.

The cost associated with boarding schools may be a concern for some, but there are options that can help make the cost more manageable. Some schools may offer financial aid which could lower the total amount of tuition required, or they may offer grants that can help offset the cost of tuition or supplies. Often times, tuition is billed in two large sums a year. Schools may work with financial service companies to provide payment plans which allow you to break the full tuition into several payments, making it easier to budget.

It may also be possible that the student could qualify for scholarships provided through the school or other providers. Check with the school to see what requirements need to be met by the student in order to qualify for any programs offered through the school. There may also be local businesses, churches or civic organizations that offer scholarships as well. The school you are considering or the local area Chamber of Commerce may know which organizations make scholarships available.

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