Boarding Schools in Missouri

  • Saint Louis, MO

Chaminade College Prep School is a private all-boy school in Saint Louis, Missouri. If you don't count Chaminade College Prep School, there are 159 private ...

789 Students
87 Teachers
  • Concordia, MO

St Paul Lutheran High is a private coed school in Concordia, a rural area in Missouri. 5 other private schools are located in Lafayette County ...

209 Students
21 Teachers
  • Saint Louis, MO

Thomas Jefferson School is a private coed school in Saint Louis, a large suburb in Missouri. 159 other private schools are located in St. Louis ...

91 Students
19 Teachers
  • Lexington, MO

Wentworth Military Academy is a private coed school in Lexington, a town in Missouri. 5 other private schools are located in Lafayette County too, but ...

68 Students
24 Teachers

Chaminade College Prep School View profile »

Chaminade College Prep School is an all-male prep school in St. Louis. It is a private, Catholic school and tuition is around $35,000 a year. There are 87 teachers for 789 students. The school is located in the large Midwestern city of St. Louis, so students are close to the many museums, sports facilities, etc. of the greater metropolitan area. It is dedicated to preparing young men for success in college and life.

St. Paul Lutheran High View profile »

St. Paul Lutheran High is a coed prep school affiliated with the Lutheran Christian church. Over 90% of the graduating class of 2011 went on to a four-year college.

It is located in a rural area of Missouri and has a 17 teachers for 209 students. Its rural setting gives students an opportunity to do many outdoors activities. The school provides a Christian-centered, faith-based education for its students.

Thomas Jefferson School View profile »

Thomas Jefferson is a coed prep school for grades seven through 12 in St. Louis. It is not affiliated with any specific religion and has a student to teacher ratio of 5.87. In 2011, 100% of its graduating senior class matriculated to a four-year college. Students have a 150 day school year and spend nine hours a day in class. It offers a classic liberal arts education to its students designed to teach them how to think and express themselves well.

Wentworth Academy View profile »

Wentworth Academy is a coed prep school in Lafeyette County, a semi-rural area in western Missouri. It has 17 teachers for a class of about 70 students in grades nine through 12. It is not affiliated with any religion or political party. The school stands out since it is both coed and military prep. It provides its students with structure, discipline and college-preparatory education. Students spend eight hours a day in class, and in 2011 45% of graduating seniors went on to four-year colleges after graduation.

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