Boarding Schools in Minnesota

  • Winona, MN

Cotter High School & Junior High School is a private coed school in Winona, Minnesota. Winona is a town in Winona County, where you will ...

385 Students
37 Teachers
  • Faribault, MN

Shattuck St Mary's is a private coed school in Faribault, Minnesota. Faribault is a rural area in Rice County. Rice County is home to 10 ...

406 Students
59 Teachers
  • Collegeville, MN

St John's Preparatory School is a private coed school in Collegeville, Minnesota. If you don't count St John's Preparatory School, there are 24 private schools ...

313 Students
26 Teachers

Minnesota, the “Star of the North,” is known for its weather, the natural beauty of its vast lakes, and the Midwestern reserve and decency of its people, as well as its metropolitan “crown jewel” of St. Paul/Minneapolis with its breweries and its music scene. Minnesota boarding schools afford students and families access to all of those features, and additionally provide a strong academic tradition: at none of the major Minnesota boarding schools do less than 90 percent of students go on to four-year college programs, and the median student/teacher ratio is slightly more than 11.

Those seeking boarding schools couched in a strong urban environment are advised to seek other states: Cotter High School in Winona, MN is as urban as Minnesota boarding schools get, although Shattuck St. Mary’s in Faribault is just a short hop South on I-35 from the Twin Cities. But those interested in the 98 percent matriculation rates at St. John’s in Collegeville face a somewhat longer jaunt northwest to a rural area. Two of the schools are Roman Catholic in religious orientation and the third is Episcopal, leaving non-Christian students in the region potentially high and dry.

Minnesota doesn’t require its private schools to employ certified teachers, though it does require teachers either to be supervised by licensed teachers or to complete an alternate competency exam in the event that a specific Minnesota boarding school isn’t accredited. If a specific Minnesota school is accredited—which the state doesn’t necessarily require—then standardized testing of students isn’t necessary. For nonaccredited schools, students should expect to take the MCA and ACT tests along with public school kids prior to graduation.

For those seeking financial aid: unfortunately, the Minnesota constitution prohibits public funds from being used to support religious schools, and Minnesota boarding schools at this time are all associated with a particular faith. Thus families are advised to seek private scholarships or to work with schools directly in order to address tuition costs. Minnesota does provide tax credits for certain qualifying educational expenses, however: up to $2,500 for students in grades 7–12 may be subtracted from taxable income for tuition expenses, (nonreligious) books, tutoring, or transportation.

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