Boarding Schools in Michigan

  • Glen Arbor, MI

Set in a remote rural area known as Glen Arbor, The Leelanau School is a private boarding school in Michigan. There are 3 private schools, ...

44 Students
16 Teachers

The great lakes state houses many opportunities for new families. As the only state that touches all four great lakes, it goes without question that the environment is lush and full.

Tourists flock to Michigan for its hunting and fishing, with many families owning summer homes on one of the lakes. Michigan is famous for Mackinac Island, and Detroit has been penned as the car capital of the world. Citizens who enjoy boating choose this state due to the many conveniences for boat owners. In fact, registered boats in Michigan rank number one throughout the country.

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This state is home to The Leelanau School in Glen Arbor. The town of Glen Arbor is quaint and picturesque. It sits on the shores of Lake Michigan and is close to the legendary Sleeping Bear Dunes.

A small coed boarding school in a peaceful remote location, The Leelanau School values traits like leadership and courage. They focus on the individual, thanks to the small class size, and promote outward learning. The teachers instruct based on the needs of their students. One hundred percent of their pupils find success when applying for colleges and universities.

The Leelanau School offers a plethora of different subjects to study. There is a heavy emphasis on healthy eating and physical fitness. The students eat lunch and dinner comprised of locally grown products, and they even have their own greenhouse that they help maintain.

Michigan Climate & Seasons

Like most northern states, Michigan experiences all four seasons. The climate is moist and habitable for various flocks of wildlife. The winters are cold and the summers are mild. Autumn turns the trees into a wildfire of colors while spring is rainy and fresh. Due to the natural climate of the lakes, it’s quite common for Michigan to be cloudy even in the summer. However, any issues with extreme weather are few and far between. If someone can handle the cold winters they tend to find Michigan as a safe haven to build a new life.

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