Listing of Maine boarding schools - Boarding school directory for the State of Maine – behavioral health treatment centers and boarding schools.
Listing of Maine boarding schools - Boarding school directory for the State of Maine – behavioral health treatment centers and boarding schools.
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  • Fryeburg Academy

    Fryeburg, ME

    Fryeburg Academy, located in Fryeburg, Maine at the foothills of the White Mountains, is a private boarding school and day school. The school accommodates…

    9 - 12
    637 Students
    58 Teachers
  • George Stevens Academy

    Blue Hill, ME

    Founded in 1803, George Stevens Academy is a private coed high school in Blue Hill, Maine that serves eight nearby communities, as well as…

    9 - 12
    302 Students
    30 Teachers
  • Hebron Academy

    Hebron, ME

    Located in Hebron, Maine, Hebron Academy is a private co-ed boarding school, and day school, that sits on over 1500 rolling acres just beyond…

    6 - 12
    256 Students
    41 Teachers
  • Hyde School

    Bath, ME

    The Hyde School is one of the northernmost schools in all of America, and it provides a great education for kids who are looking…

    9 - 12
    135 Students
    30 Teachers
  • Kents Hill School

    Kents Hill, ME

    Kent Hills School is located in Maine and it is a private boarding school for high school students. The school is located in the…

    9 - 12
    245 Students
    44 Teachers
  • Lee Academy

    Lee, ME

    Lee Academy in Lee, Maine helps bring kids into a place that is going to allow them to learn more than they have ever…

    9 - 12
    271 Students
    29 Teachers
  • Thornton Academy

    Saco, ME

    Located in Saco, Maine, Thornton Academy is a distinguished school with over 100 years of offering education for grades 6-12 on a private and…

    6 - 12
    1525 Students
    104 Teachers
  • Washington Academy

    East Machias, ME

    The Washington Academy is a boarding school located in East Machias, Maine within the Washington County. Since its inception in 1792, the school has…

    9 - 12
    436 Students
    48 Teachers

What's Up in Maine

When considering boarding schools in the beautiful state of Maine, you will have plenty of beautiful and historical schools to choose from. Each of the eight campuses are full of nostalgia as well as integrity born from the need to enhance the educational experience.

“Passing” is not sufficient; excellence is the only acceptable academic experience. Students will appreciate the structure and camaraderie that begins with the first day of attendance. Each staff member is chosen with a specific mission in mind; to create the finest young adults in the state of Maine.

Choosing a private boarding school can be a difficult decision and one that requires careful research. Each of the boarding schools in Maine are coed and boast a lower student to teacher ratio than traditional public schools.

Boarding School Academics

Academic success is the primary focus of every stakeholder in the private school setting. Students who attend Maine boarding schools average in the top 15% of SSAT and SAT scores nationwide. Teachers are encouraged daily to engage students with research-based educational initiatives as well as non-traditional teaching methods which results in an overall higher performance of the entire student body.

Attending a private boarding school is not just an educational experience – it quickly becomes a way of life. The teachers and peer students become a second family and the campus becomes home. Expectations are higher for students who can claim attendance at a private school in Maine. Choosing a boarding school in Maine will include all of the beauty and flavor offered throughout the state of Maine.

The average tuition in the state of main for school and boarding per student is $43,000. Students will enjoy the traditional life of a boarding school while receiving the finest educations available. The prestige and honor that accompanies the uniform of each school can belong to your student. Begin your search today for the perfect boarding school.