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West Branch, IA
Rural Area
Teachers (FTE)
S/T Ratio*
Tuition (?)
$29,850 / $18,350 (day)

* This figure may not reflect classroom sizes.

The Scattergood Friends School in West Branch, Iowa is a great place for kids to learn when you want them to get away from what is going on in the city. The city life is often too much for kids who are under constant pressure to perform, and this boarding school strips away all the noise to give your kids a calm place to learn correctly. The quiet campus in West Branch helps kids get in the mood to learn, and the staff are there to help kids get the most out of their education that they can. There are many kids living on campus who have never experienced such calm, and the Scattergood Friends School helps make all kids friends in their own learning.

The boarding school environment here is great for kids who have never had any peace and quiet, and the school allows kids to make friends who feel just like them about the peace and quiet on the campus. The Scattergood Friends School has committed itself to giving a great education to kids in a place that is free from distractions and the other problems that plague the normal schools of today. Every kid learns when they come to Scattergood.

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  • 1951 Delta Ave, West Branch, Iowa 52358

  • Friends Council on Education
  • National Association of Independent Schools
  • The Association of Boarding Schools
  • Other School Associations

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Data Source:   NCES: 00458988

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2-11 Coed 11 6

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Scattergood Friends School