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  • Scattergood Friends School

    West Branch, IA

    The Scattergood Friends School in West Branch, Iowa is a great place for kids to learn when you want them to get away from…

    9 - 12
    52 Students
    24 Teachers

What's Up in Iowa

Boarding schools are one of the most prestigious and elite ways of getting a high school education.

Unlike typical schools, students that attend a boarding school will live, eat, and go to school seven days a week.

There are many different benefits to attending a boarding school ranging from the academic work to the discipline that the students receive.

However, going to a boarding school means a large financial commitment from the parents and an academic commitment from the students.

What is a Boarding School

A boarding school is unlike any other type of education in the United States simply because the student live and go to school in the same place. A boarding school has a much lower student to teacher ratio and the students are expected to work much harder than in a typical school.

In many boarding schools, there are typically far fewer students than a large public school. Some boarding schools are segregated by gender, but there are also many boarding schools that have both males and females. Finally, there are also some boarding schools with a religious affiliation.

Iowa Boarding Schools

In the state of Iowa, there are only two boarding schools. One has a religious affiliation and one does not. The number of students that both boarding schools can take on is less than 100 students total, so admission may be competitive. Both schools run about $29,000 per year for attendance which is more affordable than many other boarding schools across the country.

Paying For Boarding School

Although many parents realize the benefits of their children going to boarding school they wonder how to pay for school. The good news is that many boarding schools offer scholarships and financial aid packages that are available to many students that are in the state of Iowa. At the end of the day, the decision ultimately comes down to the cost of the education versus the value that is going to be received by students.