Boarding Schools in Florida

  • St Petersburg, FL

Admiral Farragut Academy is a private coed school in St. Petersburg, Florida. In terms of religious orientation, Admiral Farragut Academy is a nonsectarian school. The academic ...

383 Students
56 Teachers
  • Montverde, FL

Montverde Academy is a private coed school in Montverde, Florida. Including Montverde Academy, there are 22 private schools in Lake County. The campus is located ...

890 Students
62 Teachers
  • Boca Raton, FL

St. Andrews School was established in 1961 under the auspices of The Reverend Hunter Wyatt-Brown, Jr. The overall goal of this Episcopal school is to ...

1312 Students
164 Teachers
  • Jacksonville, FL

The Bolles School is a private coed school in Jacksonville, a large city in Florida. 114 other private schools are located in Duval County too, ...

1643 Students
160 Teachers
  • Lake Wales, FL

The Vanguard School is a unique boarding school located in Lake Wales, Florida. The Vanguard School specializes in creating an environment that targets each student's ...

100 Students
25 Teachers

Florida, known as the Sunshine State for its fun in the sun reputation, is home to some of the most successful boarding schools in the United States. Whether it’s academics or athletics, students at numerous Florida boarding schools have gone on to find much success later in life.

Florida Air Academy

Offering a military structure in a coed environment for grades 6-12, the Air Academy is located in Melbourne and places a strong emphasis on academics. Students can choose from Honors, Advanced Placement, or Dual Enrollment courses. An impressive fact about this school is that since 1978, it has had a college acceptance rate of 100 percent for all its graduating seniors.

Montverde Academy View profile »

Founded in 1912 and fully accredited by the Florida Council of Independent Schools, Montverde offers a coed learning environment for grades 7-12 in addition to post-graduate studies for select students. With a curriculum designed to exceed the state’s Department of Education standards, academics are greatly emphasized. However, it is also known for its excellent athletic programs. In fact, in the past eight years 42 students from Montverde have earned athletic scholarships to NCAA schools.

Vanguard School View profile »

Located in Lake Wales, Vanguard is dedicated to working with students who have special learning needs. Founded in 1971, the school is coed and accepts students in grades 5-12. Known for accepting a large number of international students, it has gained a reputation in many other parts of the world for its academic excellence and ability to produce results in students that previous schools had not.

The Bolles School View profile »

Located in Jacksonville, the Bolles School was established in 1933 as a military school, but in 1972 became coed and discontinued its emphasis on military education. Offering instruction for grades PK-12, the school emphasizes independent thinking from its students and allows teachers great amounts of freedom in teaching. Current events are often discussed in the classrooms, with teachers encouraging students to think about the world around them and how it can be changed to become better.

Saint Andrew’s School View profile »

A private Episcopal school, Saint Andrew’s is located in Boca Raton and serves 1,300 students on its 81 acre campus. Known as a school that accepts children from various backgrounds, it combines a faith-based curriculum with community service and extracurricular activities to give students a well-rounded educational experience. Along with athletics, performing arts such as acting and dance are also taught.

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