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Oxford Academy is located in Westbrook, Connecticut and it is public school for grades 8 – 12. Oxford Academy provides its students with many great educational opportunities and service. This institution also has many activities and services that are beneficial for its student body. This is especially true for parental involvement within their child’s life while they attend school.

Every year Oxford has a Fall Parent Week and a Spring Parent’s Weekend. Both of these events are designed to show parents how their students are doing when the school year first begins and how much progress they have made since they first started. Parents know that getting a good education is critical to success in life Oxford Academy wants them to participate in the life of their students.

Parental involvement can often be a deciding factor in a student’s success or failure. So, having mom and dad check-up on their children’s educational progress is not a bad idea. Oxford does not go overboard on this matter by having parents constantly visit the school but they do give them the opportunity to visit their child and check their progress while they are on campus. Oxford Academy takes the extra step to ensure that their students are successful and that parents are satisfied with their education.

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  • 1393 Boston Post Rd, Westbrook, Connecticut 06498

  • National Association of Independent Schools
  • The Association of Boarding Schools

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Oxford Academy