Listing of Colorado boarding schools - Boarding school directory for the State of Coloradotherapeutic boys ranches and military schools.
Listing of Colorado boarding schools - Boarding school directory for the State of Coloradotherapeutic boys ranches and military schools.
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  • Colorado Rocky Mountain School

    Carbondale, CO

    Colorado Rocky Mountain School focuses on educating tomorrow's leaders with a curriculum that is relevant, focused on intellectual and character growth, and engages the students' sense of adventure. Located near Carbondale, Colorado, the school boasts a low teacher-student ratio, a student body under 200 students, and a one hundred percent college acceptance rate for graduates. Students can choose the day school or a boarding option, with boarding students living in dormitories divided by grade level and gender. Faculty advisors provide frequent mentorship and develop… More

    9 - 12
    151 Students
    23 Teachers
  • Steamboat Mountain School

    Steamboat Springs, CO

    Located in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, the Steamboat Mountain School is a college preparatory school that is equally focused on academics and adventure. Featuring a 100% college placement rate and students hailing from 14 states and 6 countries, the Steamboat Mountain School aims to foster a love of learning as well as a sense of adventure in its student body. Having produced multiple olympians as well as members of the United States Ski Team, the Steamboat Mountain School is at the forefront of experiential learning.… More

    9 - 12
    60 Students
    17 Teachers

What's Up in Colorado

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When it comes to beautiful mountain scenery and residents who value and encourage progressive thinking, Colorado is perhaps the first state that comes to the minds of many people. Within the state, there are numerous boarding schools that not only are located in beautiful locations, but employ faculty who make progressive thinking the norm in the classroom. Whether it’s in or out of the classroom, these boarding schools are committed to ensuring each and every child gets a great educational experience.

Colorado Rocky Mountain School View profile »

A coeducational school for grades 9-12, the Colorado Rocky Mountain School was founded in 1953 and has a campus consisting of 320 acres. Located in Carbondale, the school has an enrollment of 160 students. Designed as a college prep school, parents of prospective students will be glad to know that 100 percent of recent graduates were accepted to four-year colleges and universities. Along with classroom instruction and extra-curricular athletics, students find themselves regularly taking camping and hiking trips with faculty or working on student work crews, helping maintain the campus.

Ekklesia Mountain High

Located in Buena Vista, this coed school for grades 9-12 is one of the more unique boarding schools in the United States. Combining outdoor adventure programs with mission work and service projects, Ekklesia High offers something that any student should enjoy. Known for its outdoor programs that provide students the chance to enjoy the great scenery around the school, it’s also got a solid academic reputation within the state. Students take a variety of classes such as English, Biology, Math, Spanish, and many others that offer them the chance to improve their grades and enter college upon graduation.

Fountain Valley School View profile »

Combining college prep classes with a variety of hands-on experiences, Fountain Valley School is unique in that it has gained an international reputation for its Arts programs. Students can choose from music, dance, photography, film, and more when enrolling, and then add other college preparatory classes to ensure they have a well-rounded education.

Steamboat Mountain School View profile »

Located in Steamboat Springs, this school is near some of the best ski resorts in the state, and it takes full advantage of that. Steamboat Mountain School has one of the state’s most competitive skiing teams, and any student enrolling at the school must be an accomplished skier and be part of the team. In addition to this, virtually all students go on to college after graduation.