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Danville, CA
Large Suburb
Teachers (FTE)
S/T Ratio*
Tuition (?)
$57,950 / $36,325 (day)
$58,950 (international)

* This figure may not reflect classroom sizes.

The Athenian School located in Danville, California is a middle and high school prepartory school that prepares students for academic success. The middle school offers English, Social Studies, Math, Science, World Languages, Arts, Electives, and Physical Education. A unique offering for middle school students are introductory classes to engineering and design. The school also promotes special activities for middle school students that focus on building leadership and global citizenship.

The high school offers humanities, mathematics, science, engineering and design, world languages, arts, physical education, and online learning. There are internships for students, teaching assistants, opportunities for volunteering, and classes for entrepreneurs. The newest department is engineering and design which focuses on electric cars, robotics, and airplane design.

Leadership is developed through community service and volunteer work. There is the opportunity to live in another country, attend international conferences, and participate in projects. Technology is used to think critically and solve problems in the real world. About 100 percent of their graduates are accepted to colleges and they have an active college admissions staff.

Student live on campus with regular schedules and all meals included. Over 60 students from different countries board her yearly.

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  • 2100 Mount Diablo Scenic Blvd, Danville, California 94506

  • National Association of Independent Schools
  • The Association of Boarding Schools

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The Athenian School