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  • Subiaco Academy

    Subiaco, AR

    Subiaco Academy is an international day and boarding school for young men between grades 7-12. It is located in Subiaco, Arkansas, and sits on…

    7 - 12
    173 Students
    27 Teachers

What's Up in Arkansas

Boarding schools are one of the most prestigious ways for anyone to get a high school education in the United States.

In some states, there are many private education options for parents or grandparents to choose from.

However, in many other states there may not be as many education options for those that want higher quality for more cost.

One such state like this is Arkansas, where there are not as many private schools to choose from. There is one boarding school in the state.

What is a Boarding School

Before deciding whether to invest tens of thousands of dollars over the course of several years, a person needs to understand the pros and cons of a boarding school. First of all, a boarding school is an extremely expensive way in which to get a high school education.

However, many people think the benefits outweigh the costs. Many boarding schools have some sort of religious base, although many also do not. For the Subiaco Academy, there is a Roman Catholic base through which the education is taught from. At the end of the day, a parent must decide whether they want a religious base for their child in their high school education.

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For those that live in Arkansas, there is one option for private boarding school. Subiaco Academy is located in a rural area of Arkansas and has a Roman Catholic affiliation. The annual tuition is about $25,000 per year for those that live in the state. This may seem extremely high, but it is important to remember that a child generally stays at a boarding school seven days a week where they will eat, sleep, and learn.

One of the great aspects of any boarding school is the low student to teacher ratio. Unlike public or private schools where the student teacher ratio is twenty to one or higher, at Subiaco Academy the student teacher ratio is about eight to one. This can mean a huge difference in the quality of education that a child receives.

If a parent is having trouble figuring out how to afford paying for a boarding school, the good news is that there are a variety of scholarship and financing options to those that do the research. A child’s education is one of the most important decisions that any parent will make in their life, so it is important that a lot of research and thought go in to the decision before it is final.